Live Target's Hollow Body Shiner-Has a Belly Pin For More Hooks



What's New from LiveTarget a Spinnerbait-Sized Multi-arm

LiveTarget 4.5 1/2oz Hollow Body Shiner Swimbait by Koppers - This unique top water bait has all the attributes to catch big fish. LIVETARGET has combined the realistic Shiner profile with a weedless hollow body design to create a precisely engineered replica of one of the most common freshwater forages. Confidently fish it in open water, through cover and under docks. The snag resistant design allows it to be fished over floating grass and other surface vegetation.

LiveTarget Lures Hollow Body Shiner Hard Bait Lure - Silver Flake

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Hollow Body Shiner

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Testing The Live Target Hollow Body Shiner

2023 LIVETARGET Americas Product Catalog by O. Mustad & Son AS

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Testing The Live Target Hollow Body Shiner

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